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  • Work, Careers and muddling through

    The interview: tips from an amateur pro

    After having what must be something like my 600th interview recently, I’ve increasingly found myself thinking that they are actually pretty pointless (and I’m not saying that out of bitterness at not getting the job, because I can say I did get offered it with some smugness). Now I have probably interviewed for jobs more times than most, for various reasons (the most notable of which being that I am never happy in what I’m doing and so am always searching for “the one”). As time has gone by my interview to offer ratio has happily increased, but I guess it’s bound to when you’ve had as much experience as…

  • Work, Careers and muddling through

    Impostor Syndrome at work

    I know a lot of women like myself suffer from Impostor Syndrome, that constant nagging doubt about our skills, knowledge and abilities which affects various areas of life. This can be to a moderate, significant or debilitating degree depending on the scenario, how we happen to feel that day, or what comment someone might have made about us in passing. Sometimes it is just our own devilish thoughts about ourselves which get blown out of all context and proportion due to raging hormones, the pressure of societal expectations or an unexpected problem we can’t seem to solve. For me, my Impostor Syndrome manifests mostly at work, rather than at home…

  • Work, Careers and muddling through

    Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

    I still don’t! I recently found an old notebook from when I was about fourteen years old, and it was all very serious stuff; full of sage musings about the state of the world and my quest to right all the wrongs therein, it also contained a dedicated careers section. Here I listed all the pros and cons of each potential career choice in great detail, as if there were no barrier to any of these potential paths except in my ability to sufficiently weigh up said pros and cons. My top four career choices were: astronaut, marine biologist, vet and geologist. I laughed at some of my derogatory ‘con’…