About and contact

So, this is me – Sarah Bones. Just another blogging woman, mum, wife, cook, taxi driver, cleaner, life administrator and worker bee who occasionally gets to write to try and deal with this crazy world. I live near Colchester in Essex with my long-suffering husband and two young boys, and work full-time whilst trying to keep all the other shit together that comprises the well-rounded (read well-deluged) life of a thirty-something woman.

I write about parenting & motherhood (the joys and more frequently daily shit that lies within),  living with depression (an illness I think I was told I had at some point long ago by someone I can’t remember), body issues (particularly obesity and my unfailing quest to one day see my toes again), and work and careers (from the expert who has stayed in the same career arena since the start of working life).

Hopefully my thoughts might resonate with other women dealing with the same daily struggles (first-world of course) who can stumble through the quagmire with me. I’m all for keeping it real (very real – this blog might not be for you if you are easily offended, see life in only black and white, or have no sense of humour), and there will be much use of the word shit I can promise you (sorry!)


E: info@thiswomansworld.com