My thoughts and musings on trying to become the best version of myself I can be.

  • Self-development

    Self-help madness (and realisations!)

    I wish to make a confession; I think I am addicted – to self-help books. The latest incarnation is in the form of a small manual on my bedside table on how to live by the principles of Ikigai, a Japanese concept focused on finding your life’s purpose and adhering to it daily. This follows a long line of well-thumbed books promising to help me: live more authentically push past fear be more assertive and confident embrace uncertainty connect with others pause and live mindfully. And on a more practical level I am guided on how to: start a business be an effective leader/manager be a good feminist and a strong…

  • Self-development

    New year, new me (again!)

    So, it’s 4 January 2019, a brand new year, and I have just turned 34. 2019 sounded so futuristic when I was a wee teen, and 34 absolutely ancient! But here I am, two kids down and 9 stone (at least) up, grey-haired (only at the roots I’ll have you know), and trying yet again to lose the excess weight, cook and exercise more, earn more money, be a better mum/wife/colleague/sister/friend, blah blah blah. Always the same goals written down in a fresh new notebook (although there are always several old unfilled ones lying around), as if the very act of committing them to glossy paper will make them materialise;…